Jubilee River Flow Schematic     Flow Excedance and Percentiles     Where Thames Smooth Waters Glide

An attempt to understand the flow of the Thames.
The reliable online figures are in GREEN (and direct calculations made from them).
My working is shown in PINK. Sometimes this will be reliable.
In particular the Reach Drop cm per Km is firmly based on online figures and will be much more reliable than the Estimated flows.
At other times assumptions have been made that will occasionally be very wrong!
The aim has been to achieve a coherent picture (which probably means the figures add up even if they are wrong!)
They will be wrong because so many assumptions have to be made since there are insufficient flow gauges. There are three major types of assumption:
1) that the percentile of the flow in one place can be applied to another place with its own percentile table;
2) that where data is lacking the surplus or deficit of flow can be spread over the intervening places between known flows;
3) that the Intakes account for the deficits between known flows (and can be shown spread equally where there is no other information).
The picture is also complicated because the river is not static. Peaks and troughs will be going downriver and cause the figures to conflict.
Let me know if you see a better way to do it! [John at the above domain]
If you see a Tsunami coming down the river assume a mistake in my figures!
The green figures update every 15 minutes. This page is recalculated every five minutes.